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By: Heather West November 7, 2012

Snow! My attention quickly broke away from the professor in front of me as I heard whispers of the weather I had been looking forward to since beginning my journey to New Haven. I looked out the window to see millions of snowflakes swirling beyond the warmth of the classroom. As soon as class...

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Integrating with the Broader Yale Community

By: Nate Wong September 28, 2012

“Eminent and Purposeful Yale”
After only a couple months being in New Haven, I have been amazed by the wealth of resources that comes from being at an institution like Yale. Yale SOM is trying to fully integrate itself with the broader Yale University, leveraging the full breadth and depth of resources at Yale. One of Dean Snyder’s goals is to collaborate and utilize connections between SOM and Yale’s other leading programs including Law, Forestry and Environmental Science, Medical, Divinity, Global Affairs, and of course Yale College.

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Welcome to the MAM Blog

By: September 4, 2012

I would like to welcome you to what will be the first of a series of regular blog posts on the MAM program. We hope that these posts can help prospective students as well as members of the larger Yale community learn about the MAM. The MAM is a new one-year degree program started this year by...

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