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Final Sprint

By: January 13, 2014
I love new year’s eve. That time of the year when you start thinking about everything you’ve achieved, how many new places you visited, how much time did you get to spend with your loved ones and even sometimes how much you didn’t.  If it wasn’t that much of a good year, it then becomes the perfect opportunity for a brand new start. If it was, we can only make the new one be even better, because at the end it always comes down to us and how we want this new year to be.  Continue reading “Final Sprint”

Meet SOM At Winter Social Events Around The World

By: Jennifer Peterson November 23, 2013
Thinking about applying to SOM and want to learn about the school from a current student’s perspective? Have a few last minute questions about your essays before the upcoming Round 2 or 3 deadlines and want to know what worked for current students? Lucky for you, here is your chance to ask all those questions and more to current first-year and second-year students. Continue reading “Meet SOM At Winter Social Events Around The World”

Serious Prep: A Note to the Incoming Class of 2015

By: Nate Wong July 23, 2013
There are only so many days left before you start orientation, and before you know it we’ll be on campus strutting around like we own the place. That is, until we all move into a new building, and then it’s just like 1st Year all over again. Until then, we wanted to provide you with some things you could do now to prepare yourself for the unrelenting whirlwind that is the SOM MBA experience. Using some of our finest brains, we’ve come up with these words of wisdom, (in random, stream-of-consciousness order) ... Continue reading “Serious Prep: A Note to the Incoming Class of 2015”

Applying design thinking to business and international development

By: Nate Wong November 20, 2012

SOM prides itself on its integrated curriculum, which also bleeds over to clubs and other activities around Yale. After starting our Fall-2 core classes, our first foray into the SOM’s integrated curriculum, I have been incredibly impressed by how concepts have blended together, to the extent...

Continue reading “Applying design thinking to business and international development”