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EMBA Liftoff: Jamie Coogan '16

By: Jamie Coogan October 13, 2014
That brings me back to the decision. No, this is not Lebron choosing to take his talents to South Beach. This is me choosing to take the little time I do have and commit to a rigorous 22-month program. The goal of which is to be better prepared for the leadership challenges I expect to face in the future.  This decision rests on a plan – a way to accommodate all of the people in my life who have demands on my time.  From home to work, I could fill the day with tasks. So how was I going to fit in school? Continue reading “EMBA Liftoff: Jamie Coogan '16”

EMBA Liftoff: Mark deVry '16

By: Mark deVry October 6, 2014
After our two-week SOM “boot-camp,” I collapsed into my Amtrak seat looking forward to a few hours of sleep as I headed home from a jam-packed weekend of learning.  I felt exhausted, humbled, and had a strong desire to rejoin my family – all predictable.  As Connecticut vanished outside my window, I pondered how I could best fit this program into my already busy life? And why?  Continue reading “EMBA Liftoff: Mark deVry '16”

EMBA Liftoff: Roshan Rahnama '16

By: Roshan Rahnama September 29, 2014
Since the start of our program in late July, time has flown by and the Class of 2016 is already a month and a half into this colossal endeavor that we’ve collectively undertaken.  After our 2 week in-house residency experience – also aptly called boot camp – we returned back to our homes in Baton Rouge and Sao Paulo and Chicago, to our awaiting families, and to about 5,000 unread work emails.  Continue reading “EMBA Liftoff: Roshan Rahnama '16”