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Students Share Insights from Innovation Internships

By: Karen Guzman September 25, 2014

The student-led Design and Innovation Club helps students explore career options with a focus on innovation. Last summer, some students in the club landed internships at established design and innovation consultancies—including SYPartners and Continuum—while others applied systematic “design thinking” principles within other industries. In a panel sponsored by the D&I Club on September 17, students shared what they learned.

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Half Way Through: Classes, Networking, Interviews, Parties, and Brotherhood

By: Vikram Sivakumar December 31, 2013

Looking back at the first semester at Yale, I see the different paths that each of us have treaded. When we first came in August, there were so many different things to choose from. An Ivy League education, networking with great student peers and accomplished Alumni, potential jobs in the US and abroad and many more opportunities were in the offing to everyone. 

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