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Space for Imagination: How Google’s Ben Jones Views Marketing

May 6, 2014
Ben Jones
Ben Jones almost drowned when he was a toddler, not because of any sudden accident, but because he wanted to swim with his siblings. He walked down the bank of a pond until the water engulfed his head, then he sat down. “I think that kind of willful curiosity at the expense of personal safety has worked for me,” says Jones. Continue reading “Space for Imagination: How Google’s Ben Jones Views Marketing”

Playing Hard to Get with Uninformative Advertisements

October 18, 2013
billboard with arrow
What on earth does a Formula One race car have to do with a razor blade? Can that brand-name medication really help me ride a tandem bicycle down a wooded path? Why don’t any of these advertisements have anything to do with the products they’re trying to sell me? These are the kinds of questions you might reasonably ask the next time your favorite television show takes a commercial break. Continue reading “Playing Hard to Get with Uninformative Advertisements”