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Second Semester: Settling Into Evans Hall & Looking Ahead to Management Practicums

By: Talha Ibrahim February 4, 2014
Exciting times at SOM! It is the start of the third week of spring semester. Everyone seems to have settled really well into the new environment by embracing the transparency theme of Evans Hall. Transparency is important in today's business and society and thus it has been given special emphasis at Yale SOM. Not only is the building a majestic piece of art, its architecture certainly adds diversity to the beautiful gothic architecture you will find across Yale University. Continue reading “Second Semester: Settling Into Evans Hall & Looking Ahead to Management Practicums”

Finals Week at SOM: An Ode to Fall 2

By: Vivi Vasudevan December 16, 2013
It’s finals week here at SOM, and it hasn’t gotten easier the second time around.  With a day to study before exams begin, our whole class seems to have been looking for ways to avoid studying.  From baking to social activities to a Facebook discussion of the opportunities for arbitrage in red curry futures, pretty much everyone had a technique.  Here’s my own form of procrastination: an ode to Fall 2 and finals, set to the tune of the pop song and meme generator, “Call Me Maybe.” Continue reading “Finals Week at SOM: An Ode to Fall 2”

Serious Prep: A Note to the Incoming Class of 2015

By: Nate Wong July 23, 2013
There are only so many days left before you start orientation, and before you know it we’ll be on campus strutting around like we own the place. That is, until we all move into a new building, and then it’s just like 1st Year all over again. Until then, we wanted to provide you with some things you could do now to prepare yourself for the unrelenting whirlwind that is the SOM MBA experience. Using some of our finest brains, we’ve come up with these words of wisdom, (in random, stream-of-consciousness order) ... Continue reading “Serious Prep: A Note to the Incoming Class of 2015”

Inspired by Design (and Speakers)

By: Dennis Tseng July 12, 2013
Woo, is it HOT in Brooklyn, or what? (I feel like I start all my blog posts with a comment on the weather, so I didn’t want to rock the boat.) I'm now just over halfway done with my internship at Etsy, and there aren't enough superlatives out there to describe how awesome this experience has been. I've already completed one internal consulting project determining the future of "Eatsy," which is Etsy's office food program featuring local chefs and caterers, and locally-sourced and organic food... Continue reading “Inspired by Design (and Speakers)”