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New Haven in Color

By: Sarah Michaelson February 26, 2009

"It's cold... but Spring is not far behind." I overheard a woman say this at the Yale Health Center; it sounded so hopeful compared to my usual drip about the weather. I looked up some pictures from last Spring, to remind myself that the weather will, yes, get warmer. I took these last Spring,...

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A Warm Interlude

By: Sarah Michaelson February 8, 2009

We have had a spat of warm days. Breaking 40F, don't get too excited--nevertheless, it has reminded me that, unbelievably, Spring will come eventually. We are reaching the time of year when second years are starting to think of re-entering the real world, post May, and, first years are starting...

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Break time

By: Sarah Michaelson January 6, 2009

It was four months of non-stop classes, TA-ing, gymming, walking to school, cajoling a ride home from school, setting up group meetings, meeting in groups, working in groups (different), managing groups, frittering away 15 precious minutes gossiping in the Hall of Mirrors, last minute projects...

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By: Sarah Michaelson April 7, 2008

First of all, the first years totally won the Garstka Cup on March 27. What is the Garstka Cup? When first year students play second years on the ice, and nobody has played ice hockey before (or, at least, it looks that way). It is a good time with a real band and lots of beer, and I distinctly...

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