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Dispatches from #GNW2015

By: Matthew O'Rourke March 6, 2015
This month, more than 650 MBA students from throughout the Global Network for Advanced Management are participating in Global Network Week, traveling across the globe for 19 sessions over three weeks. Writer Matt O'Rourke is spending the week at the University of Cape Town, which is hosting a session titled "Economics of Emerging Markets: Social Innovation and Business in Africa. Continue reading “Dispatches from #GNW2015”

Words of Advice

By: Matthew O'Rourke September 3, 2014
Every year a new crop of students starts the MBA program at Yale SOM. Every year these new students have to figure out how to balance academics, leadership development, clubs, and the career search. Fortunately, they have the benefit of hearing from those who’ve been there before. Continue reading “Words of Advice”