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Boola boola! SOM runs 13.1 in DC

By: Heather West May 3, 2013
In December, I got an email from a classmate urging me to sign up for a half marathon. Me? Run 13.1 miles? Maybe I could do that? Fast forward four months and I was jumping onto the train with my running shoes, heading to DC to run my very first half marathon with 20 of my classmates-- some seasoned runners and others who were just as excited as me for their running debut. I hadn't been to DC since 2009 and I was excited to explore the city, hang out with college friends, and share the experience with other first-timers. Continue reading “Boola boola! SOM runs 13.1 in DC”


By: Heather West December 28, 2012

Twitter is my breaking news source, my "I need a joke now" supply, and my place to feed my inner nerd. Social media plays an interesting role in all of our lives in New Haven-- most class events are posted on our Yale SOM Class of 2014 Facebook page, and many 15-minute blocks of time result in...

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By: Heather West November 7, 2012

Snow! My attention quickly broke away from the professor in front of me as I heard whispers of the weather I had been looking forward to since beginning my journey to New Haven. I looked out the window to see millions of snowflakes swirling beyond the warmth of the classroom. As soon as class...

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