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Part III: Home Again, Home Again

By: Dennis Tseng September 12, 2014
That’s a full 16% of my class, snuggled up here in the Bay.  Every day is like a reunion here.  I’m not kidding.  Between my classmates, the 2013ers, the 2015ers who were finishing up their internships, and older alumni at networking events, I’ve seen probably 60+ SOMers since I got here in late July.  So I guess I can put off that whole ‘moving on’ thing for a little bit, right? Continue reading “Part III: Home Again, Home Again”

Jed Bernstein ’79 on the Intersection of Art and Commerce

By: Dennis Tseng November 18, 2013
Today I met my hero.  I didn’t know prior to the event that he was my hero, but I left knowing full well that this man was the man I wanted to model the rest of my career after.  His name is Jed Bernstein, SOM Class of 1979 (the second class to graduate after the school was founded), and I was one of 75 lucky students from SOM and the School of Drama who packed the GM Room today at lunch for a Leader’s Forum chat with Dean Snyder.  He is an accomplished theatrical producer and former leader of the Broadway theater trade association, and had many amazing stories about his time at SOM and the connections he made with his classmates that last until today.  What else?  I feel like I’m leaving out a salient detail.  What was that again? Continue reading “Jed Bernstein ’79 on the Intersection of Art and Commerce”

Inspired by Design (and Speakers)

By: Dennis Tseng July 12, 2013
Woo, is it HOT in Brooklyn, or what? (I feel like I start all my blog posts with a comment on the weather, so I didn’t want to rock the boat.) I'm now just over halfway done with my internship at Etsy, and there aren't enough superlatives out there to describe how awesome this experience has been. I've already completed one internal consulting project determining the future of "Eatsy," which is Etsy's office food program featuring local chefs and caterers, and locally-sourced and organic food... Continue reading “Inspired by Design (and Speakers)”