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Cascades of Gratitude

By: Christina Mainero November 26, 2014
Part I: The Challenge … Your task: Use the paper clip and undertake a series of trades with the intention of getting something bigger and better.  You can do whatever you wish.  You have one paper clip.  Those are the constraints. See what you and your partner can trade up for by Monday at 5 pm. Document your trades and we’ll see where we all end up once we meet again next Tuesday. Continue reading “Cascades of Gratitude”

Rewind and Fast Forward: Reflections on the First Semester and Resolutions for 2014

By: Christina Mainero December 30, 2013
I feel like I’m a director sometimes. The director of my own personal movie.  Director. Actor. Screenwriter. Producer.  Editor.  I’ve definitely been flitting between these different roles during the past few days since Christmas in what has been one of the first opportunities I have had to revisit and digest my first semester at SOM.   Continue reading “Rewind and Fast Forward: Reflections on the First Semester and Resolutions for 2014”

Daring to Dream: The Innovator’s Toolkit Part I

By: Christina Mainero November 6, 2013
Innovation. It’s one of those words that seems to be in vogue currently, along with passion and synergy. Firms boast that they proffer innovative solutions to their clients, hospitals submit that they have developed innovation mechanism through which they can provide quality care to their patients, universities declare that they attract students who are the next generation of innovative problem-solvers, and so on.  As a society, we may be using the word innovation carelessly and without thought. Yet, I would assert that opportunities abound for us to innovate, discover, create, and explore unconstrained around campus. Continue reading “Daring to Dream: The Innovator’s Toolkit Part I”

Pressing Pause

By: Christina Mainero October 29, 2013
I’ll be honest. The first eight weeks has been nothing short of a whirlwind. I definitely do not feel totally settled (and I’ve lived in New Haven for the past two years and completed a Masters program here at Yale). But, maybe that is part of finding one’s place within the fabric of the school. At least that is my current conclusion. Yet, despite the fact that I am still settling into life here at SOM, there have already been numerous experiences that will be forever ingrained in my memory. What sorts of experiences, you ask? Here, let me give you a few examples. Continue reading “Pressing Pause ”

Optimization Models

By: Christina Mainero October 20, 2013
Objective: Maximize my time at SOM by exploring my interests, satiating my unflagging curiosity, and extracting as much knowledge and understanding as I possibly can from interactions inside and outside of the classroom.  Decisions: Breadth and depth of commitments. Constraints: Only 24 hours per day available. Seven days/week; Sleep requirements between 5.5-7 hours per day; ~1 hour gym time each day; Retaining good relationships with non-SOM friends and family back home.  Continue reading “Optimization Models”