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Former WTO Head Pascal Lamy on the New World of Trade

By: Ben Mattison February 26, 2015
Trade creates growth by creating efficiencies and increasing the range of available goods and services, former World Trade Organization chief Pascal Lamy told students on February 13. But that growth is accompanied by wrenching economic shifts that must be mitigated domestically by social welfare, education, and other programs. Continue reading “Former WTO Head Pascal Lamy on the New World of Trade”

Mapping Our Emotional Lives

By: Ben Mattison November 18, 2014
In an era of increasingly ubiquitous technology, we are all generating a continuous stream of data. Walking down the street, we are observed by a series of closed-circuit cameras; as we make purchases, credit card records map our appetites. And most dramatically, the phones that we carry record not only our location and phone calls and text messages, but also, through social media, our emotions: likes and dislikes, jokes, desires. Facebook, says Salvatore Iaconesi, has more information about who we really are than any nation on the planet. Continue reading “Mapping Our Emotional Lives”