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The School-Work-Family Balancing Act

By: Amy Romano January 21, 2014
“Hurry up, I have a final due in 2 hours so I don’t have a lot of time.” That’s what I said to my 9-year old daughter the other night as we did our nighttime routine. It doesn’t usually end up being such a stark trade-off, literally stealing minutes from bedtime to go run a regression on some widget sales data. But there’s no way around the fact that my SOM experience means, at least in quantitative terms, less family time. Continue reading “The School-Work-Family Balancing Act”

Invention Versus Innovation: Clive Meanwell on Creating Value in Healthcare

By: Amy Romano October 7, 2013
As a midwife in a health IT startup, I did not expect to draw much inspiration from the pharma and biotech offerings in the fall Colloquium. But I came to Yale precisely because I wanted to innovate a business model for the maternity care transformation. I want to thank Clive Meanwell for coming to Yale and offering an inspiring business model to achieve this. Continue reading “Invention Versus Innovation: Clive Meanwell on Creating Value in Healthcare”