Pedal to the Metal...

August 30, 2008

...and away we go! It's hard to believe the first week has come and gone but there is no question that life both at SOM and here in the 'Have in general is in full swing! Our first week was definitely packed. We started with some basics of elasticity, fundamentals of debits and credits, and the probability of Mr. T, from The A Team, saying "fool & sucker" in a 5min segment of the show (he's a legend in our halls)...Our Interpersonal Dynamics course hit most of us pretty hard as we all came to terms with the fact that business school is not just about learning the technical skills but also about developing our soft skills and taking time for introspection and reflection. No doubt, next week will be more of a whirlwind than this past, but if this week was any indication it will be filled with much excitement and the opportunity to push ourselves beyond our current limits!


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