One typical day...

April 4, 2007

The end of April means decision time for many. Where do you send that deposit? Where do you see yourself living for the next two years? What will life really be like at "x" school? So, I thought I'd give a run-down of what could happen on a "typical" day. Of course this is my experience, and it is important to note that all students here have very different and varying experiences, depending on the activities they are involved in! About twice a week, I arrive at school around 7:30 am and set up shop at Food For Thought, which is a student cafe here at SOM. It is completely volunteer-based, with students and staff doing one-hour shifts during the day, and all proceeds go towards the Internship Fund--which supports students who work in the nonprofit sector and may receive less compensation for their work. So that entails bringing in the baked goods delivery, brewing the first cups of coffee in the morning, and then getting a chance to see people as they come in for the day. From 8:15-11:15, we have our Integrated Leadership Perspective class, where we discussed a case on Charterhouse Group Advisors, LLC. It was an interesting discussion as we debated the merits of this board-advising group, and in the process, discussed the function and role of boards, governance issues, etc. The class was interesting because it was led by two professors, Koppell and Antle, who actually had different perspectives on certain issues! I am excited for our next class, as we are discussing Achievement First. From 11:30-1:00, I lead admission tours with other SOM tour guides. Welcome Weekend is coming up in a few weeks, and I hope to see many faces there! I know that Welcome Weekend was the deciding factor for many last year as admitted students interacted with each other, with current students, and got a better feel for the vibe of SOM. From 1:00 - 2:30, I find a quiet study spot in the individual study rooms, and quickly do the readings for my next class. From 2:30 - 4:00, I have Managing Marketing Programs, which is a class primarily focusing on the 4Ps of marketing. Our class was devoted to learning the basics of a simulation we will be doing in groups called "Pharmasim" where we all act as brand managers for an OTC-cold medicine brand. From 4:00-4:30, my group discusses a case on Electronic Arts and the Sims online, which we will be the topic of our next class. From 4:30-5:30, I walk over to the International Student Center and sit in a Spanish conversation group where students and staff from all around campus meet and just chat in Spanish for one hour! From 5:30-7:30, I meet with my SOM Outreach team to finalize our presentation for Monday. Our team has been working on a consulting project with Farnam Neighborhood House, where we are devising a plan for the launch of its new alumni association. From 7:30-8:30, I finally get home, have some dinner, and debrief with roommates about the day's events. I am lucky to live with other SOM students, so we all share in our frustrations and excitements with classes, events, and the whole internship search! From 8:30-midnight I do some more schoolwork, make a few phone calls to catch up with friends, watch a video for class, read another case, and also look for some housing in the DC area. It is a full day, but a good one!


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