Oi from Brazil!

March 26, 2007

Alas spring break has come to an end, though it was certainly a memorable 2 weeks. I've just returned from Brazil on a pro bono consulting engagement through SOM's GSE program. Working in Brazil was an educational experience to say the least and it was great to meet our client in person, share our research so far and refine our final deliverables. Week 1 was spent working exclusively in Rio de Janeiro with our client, week 2 was spent in Salvador and Manaus (the Amazon rain forest). Pictured above is an image of me, leaping with joy at a turtle preserve in Salvador. All in all, the beaches were beautiful, the food amazing, and the wonderful people of Brazil were very welcoming. While the final stretch of SOM life including cases and club meetings are certainly things to look forward to, I yearn for the simpler times of spring break. Ciao Ciao!


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