Bringing together the brightest minds on China, India and emerging economies

The two most populous nations on the planet – China and India – also have two of the most exciting economies, with fast growth creating opportunities on an unprecedented scale. But entering these markets blind would be corporate suicide – and that’s why some the best minds in marketing, economics and psychology got together in a multi-disciplinary environment recently to swap ideas about the future of these, and other, developing markets.

The 6th annual China India Insights Conference, held earlier this month in the city of Lijiang in China’s Yunnan province, serves as a forum for academic scholars from diverse disciplines and research practitioners to share the best available research on both consumer and firm behavior related to China, India and beyond. Some of the presentations delivered included Leveraging social networks for technology adoption, The Month-of-Birth Effect on Entrepreneurship, and the enticingly named Tweets and Sales.

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