Global Network Schools Host Immersion Week

Students from five Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) schools embarked on the network's first global Immersion Week program March 4–8, traveling to member schools for a week of intensive study organized around a theme, company visits, and networking. We followed along through social media.

Yale SOM hosted a group of international students in New Haven for a session on behavioral economics, while 86 SOM students traveled to FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo, Brazil; Renmin University School of Business in Beijing, China; Koç University Graduate School of Business in Istanbul, Turkey; and IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

"Immersion Week was the first opportunity for students to really explore the tangible benefits of their schools being part of the GNAM," says David Bach, senior associate dean for executive MBA and global programs at Yale SOM. He adds that the next Immersion Week will likely take place in the fall, and that more schools in the network plan to participate.

Students visiting Yale SOM attended classes and lectures on campus, followed by a day in New York City with visits to the New York Stock Exchange, Sotheby’s, and Bloomberg.

Thierry Papadopoulos, a student at IE Business School, visited Yale SOM. ”In addition to the academic courses, what I liked the most, personally, was meeting new people,” Papadopoulos says. “I met so many people to whom I can now address professional requests, and I have more importantly made some real friends.”

Bradley Schneller ’13 visited IE Business School for an intensive course titled "Europe at a Crossroads: Coping with the Crisis, Completing Monetary Union, and Deriving Implications for the World." Company visits gave him and other students an inside look at a business environment undergoing rapid change. "I expected it to be a dynamic environment, and that was confirmed as we met with an Iberia executive just before an employee strike, and with Bankia executives soon after they had announced a massive loss,” Schneller says.

Ian Hillis ’14, who also visited IE Business School, says that hearing from fellow students from other Global Network schools was key to his experience. “In addition to hearing about the Eurozone crisis straight from local thought leaders, we had the opportunity to analyze the situation through the lenses of our peers representing countries from all over the world,” Hillis says.

The Global Network is a consortium of 22 international business schools that connects faculty, students, and deans with their peers worldwide to improve business education in an increasingly globalized, more competitive world.

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