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Pioneering Alumnae

Lunch Hour Learning: Pioneering Alumnae

In the Lunch Hour Learning video series, we visit one of the many informal events that complement and expand upon in-class learning.

Three alumnae recently visited the Yale School of Management as part of the Celebrate Women at Yale event series, sharing their reflections on their time at SOM as well as insights from their careers. The event is one of many that complement and expand upon in-class learning.

Moderated by Professor Heather Tookes, the Pioneering Yale SOM Alumnae panel included Linda Mason ’80, chairman and cofounder of Bright Horizons; Jane Mendillo ’84, former president and CEO of Harvard Management Company; and Sandra Urie ’85, chairman emeritus of Cambridge Associates. 

Amanda Hatheway ’20 said the panelists provided a “fantastic perspective” on shaping a career with an eye to the long term. “Oftentimes when we’re thinking about our careers after school, it’s with a short-term lens, but they’ve had the benefit of time to really think about what they can do in their careers long term to make the most impact,” said Hatheway.

Watch: Lunch Hour Learning Series

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