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Micah Remley, CEO of Mineral Tree

Career Conversations Podcast: Micah Remley ’05, CEO of MineralTree, on FinTech Startups

Episode 9: Fin Tech Startups: Micah Remley ’05, CEO of MineralTree, with Noora AlSharhan ’19


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Micah Remley ’05 is CEO of MineralTree,  a market-leading accounts payable and payment automation solution provider.  Micah previously served as MineralTree’s chief operating officer. He has more than 20 years of technology and financial industry experience, including numerous executive roles at Boston-based EnerNOC. In 2013, he was recognized on the Boston Business Journal’s 40 under 40 list for his contributions to disrupting an outdated and inefficient industry.

Micah is interviewed by Noora AlSharhan ’19, a recent graduate of the Master of Advanced Management program at SOM. Prior to SOM,  Noora worked at one of the top banks in the Middle East in Kuwait and at the International Monetary Fund prior to getting her MBA at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain.

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Micah Remley ’05:  02:25    “The startup is as much art as it is science. And when you’re scaling an organization, what worked six months ago isn’t what’s going to be working today. So when I think about my career, it was about that adaptability and saying what do I really like to do. And I really like to build things. I like to understand how they work and I like to make them better.”

Micah Remley:    04:01    “What I’d really like to do, once again, is building things. And I like tackling it more from the business side of things. So that really was what set me on the path for business school. I knew I needed some sort of catalyst to inject fuel into my career and pour gasoline on the fire. And I thought that business school was the way to do that. Which it turned out to absolutely do that for me. I mean it was definitely life-altering for me.”

Micah Remley:    14:39   “Thinking that through in more detail, that often is the biggest challenge I have for students. Especially MBA students that are looking for jobs outside of the traditional path of finance, Wall Street, or consultancies, after business school when they want to work for a real operational company. Especially startups. We don’t have these big departments. We're looking for people that can add value right away in specific functions. And the more people can make that transition, make that translation, then I think that helps their career path a ton.”

Micah Remley:    20:12 “So if I’m going out for an hour run, or an hour and a half long or two-hour long bike ride, that’s when I process all that stuff. And often that's when I come up with my good ideas...So I find that’s really necessary for me to actually be as good in my job as I possibly can to be, is to have that time. Because it allows me to do both. It allows me to exercise and blow off some steam, but at the same time it allows me to really think things through.”

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