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Career Conversations: Steven Kauderer

Career Conversations Podcast: Steven Kauderer ’89, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Co.

Episode 6: Steven Kauderer ’89, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Co., with Andrea Suriano Simoncini ’19


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Steven Kauderer ’89 is  Senior Partner in McKinsey & Company's Financial Services practice in the New York office. In this episode of Career Conversations, Steve is interviewed by Andrea Suriano Simoncini ’19, a student in Yale SOM’s Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society program. Andrea is from Carrara, Italy,  and graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Management from Bocconi University in 2016 and attended the Master in Management - Grande Ecole program at HEC Paris. He has worked in Brussels as a financial analyst for Generali Group, the third-largest insurance company in the world, and in Milan as a business analyst intern in strategy consulting at Monitor Deloitte.


Steven Kauderer ’89:( 03:54 ) I loved the different disciplines of marketing and accounting and strategy and queuing theory and all sort of other things. I almost saw consulting as continuing to learn and get exposed to all that. So, I pursued a number of interviews in management consulting as a second year and was fortunate enough to get some offers. I decided to choose McKinsey.

Steven Kauderer ’89: ( 07:28 ) One of the things that I really loved about SOM was the whole idea of giving back and also doing good, doing well. I feel that a career at a place like McKinsey enables you to do all that. I feel like I'm really helping with my fellow team members to contribute to our clients and helping them improve their customer experience and employee engagement and hopefully driving profitable growth at our clients in the industry and also helping innovate in very new ways.

Steven Kauderer ’89: ( 9:11 ) I think consulting is a really special and great career path for so many people, especially people at an MBA program like Yale because it’s this great combination of left brain and right brain, of IQ/EQ. So, on the one hand, we're solving some of our clients’ toughest problems and there's a lot of analytical and problem-solving capabilities required for that and a fair amount of quantitative methods involved. On the other hand, it's about changing behavior and changing mindsets at our client, and that's more on the EQ said.

Steven Kauderer ’89 : ( 12:18 ) I think in terms of the interview process, the case interview, as most people know or have heard of, is a very big part of the consulting recruiting process. So, reading a book like Case in Point , for example, and actually doing lots of mock interviews is really important as a preparation.

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