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Skyline of Marina Bay Sands resort hotel and casino at dusk.

Aspen Institute Awards Microgrants for Yale SOM Sustainability Case Study

Five educators were awarded microgrants by the Aspen Institute to assist with adopting Yale SOM's raw case, Marina Bay Sands, into their curricula

The Aspen Institute continued its popular faculty microgrant program aimed at helping educators to integrate a new case study - the featured case from this year’s 2018 Business & Society International MBA Case Competition - into their curricula.  Each of five awardees receives a $1,500 honorarium.

This year’s case, Marina Bay Sands, asked students to consider whether a luxury hotel and mega-resort could also be a model for sustainable enterprise in Singapore. The “raw” case, which was developed by the Yale School of Management in collaboration with the National University of Singapore Business School, allows students to listen to interviews with hotel executives, suppliers and consumers, access dozens of supporting materials from financial statements to performance metrics, and watch a short documentary on Singaporean culture and global sustainability perspectives produced exclusively for the case.

Successful awardees described how the case would fit into their teaching plans and enhance student learning. Many planned to incorporate the case into courses that exist at the nexus of business and society, including corporate strategy, corporate responsibility, sustainability, and ethical leadership. One recipient noted that the case is much “more timely, richer, and the possible social impact is substantially larger” than other cases studies popular within sustainability. Another described how the case would enhance their “Ethics in Executive Leadership” and “Values-Based Leadership” courses which attracts students from around the world. For faculty charged with designing new courses in corporate sustainability, the case is ideal in that it supports a number of topical areas, including “global business strategy, sustainable development goals, climate risk assessment, and sustainable supply chain management.”

To request access to Yale SOM’s Marina Bay Sands case study, contact case.access at

The 2018 faculty microgrant awardees are:

  • Stephanie Schleimer from Griffith University
  • Lyuba Zarsky from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
  • Stefan Baumeister from Jyvaskyla University
  • Ivan Montiel of Baruch College
  • Adam Waytz of Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management