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Video: Prof. Fiona Scott Morton Discusses Antitrust Enforcement

Professor Fiona Scott Morton, the Theodore Nierenberg Professor of Economics, led a conference on October 27 at American University’s Washington College of Law titled “Unlocking the Promise of Antitrust Enforcement.”

Introducing the conference, which presented papers forthcoming in the Yale Law Journal, Scott Morton said the backdrop for the discussion was “the wave of populism that’s sweeping the country and the lack of real wage increases for the bottom half of the income distribution.” The day’s conversation would focus on one possible solution: making the economy more efficient by reducing market power. 

“We can engage in competition enforcement,” she said, “and through our enforcement choices try to reduce those rents, try to reduce that market power and increase efficiency and competition’s other benefits, like lower prices, more innovation, higher quality.”

In her own talk, Scott Morton presented research on the potential benefits of antitrust enforcement against online platforms that impose “most-favored nation” (MFN) provisions on providers, preventing them offering products or services at lower prices elsewhere. 

Watch Scott Morton’s talk: