Yale School of Management

Welcome to the MMS in Systemic Risk Charter Class

Today marks an exciting day for Yale SOM, as we welcome the charter class for the newest master’s program at Yale: the Master of Management Studies (MMS) in Systemic Risk. In this one-year, full-time in-residence program, professionals from central bank around the world are coming to Yale to gain a deep understanding of global approaches to managing systemic risk and responding to future financial crises. This first-of-its kind master’s program will welcome a charter class of six students representing central banks of Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Turkey, and Indonesia, as well as the Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve System.

Meet Marcos, Jacqueline, Ozgu, Pablo, Adit and Ola: the MMS in Systemic Risk Class of 2018. Members of this diverse and accomplished charter class hold master’s degrees in finance, economics, public policy and administration, and have studied at Cornell, Columbia, Oxford, SciencesPo, ITAM, Middle East Technical University, and Bandung Institute of Technology, among others. They are legislative aides, consultants, accountants, financial analysts, and mechanical engineers, and they hold collectively over 20 publications. Their professional interests cover financial regulation, systemic risk, macroprudential policies, economic growth, capital markets, and monetary policy. They are fluent in Yoruba, Spanish, English, Turkish and Indonesian, hold five citizenships, and have traveled to more than 17 countries. They enjoy soccer, mixed martial arts, books, and coffee.

We warmly welcome the charter class, and look forward to taking advantage of the incredible talents they bring to the Yale community.

Melissa Fogerty
Assistant Dean, Management Master’s Programs