This Week's Student Club Speakers: Conservatism, Responsible Investing, and the Future of Happiness

Every week, accomplished alumni and other leaders visit Edward P. Evans Hall at the invitation of student clubs, sharing career advice and insights into their industries. Here are a few of the speakers who visited the school during the week of April 10.

Monday, April 10

Student Government opened up a conversation about conservative politics and beliefs during a session called “Ask Me Anything.” Participants were encouraged to submit questions for panelists anonymously ahead of time, and panelists answered them. This event was co-hosted by the Student Government Equity and Inclusion Chair, Prism, and the Business and Politics Club.

The Responsible Investing Group presented “Discussing ESG Investing and Active Stewardship with Rakhi Kumar ’02,” managing director and head of ESG Investments and asset stewardship at State Street Global Advisors.

Michael Govan, the CEO and Wallis Annenberg Director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, spoke to students during an event hosted by the Arts and Culture Club.

Tuesday, April 11

Academic Affairs and Student Life sponsored a PowerPoint presentation by Claire Lee ’17. She shared her favorite tips for making the best use of PowerPoint.

Wednesday, April 12

The Public Speaking Club hosted a presentation on storytelling with Charles Vogl, executive consultant and author.

Amy Blankson ’06 presented “Exploring the Role of Happiness in Innovation.” She is the author of the newly released The Future of Happiness. Blankson’s conversation was hosted by the Design and Innovation Club

The Social Impact Lab hosted its first PRISM x SI Lab with Professor Rakesh Mohan, senior fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Mohan is one of India’s senior-most economic policymakers and is an expert on central banking, monetary policy, infrastructure, and urban affairs. The conversation centered around recent political and economic events, including India’s demonetization policy.

Professors Fiona Scott Morton and Douglas Rae discussed Scott Morton’s recent proposal with several co-authors to limit institutional investor ownership in public equities to reduce potential competitive threats when a few large firms own a significant fraction of the shares outstanding in a market. The conversation, titled “Anticompetitive Threat or Market Innovation? The Risks and Benefits of Large Institutional Investors,” was co-hosted by the Business and Politics and Investment Management clubs.