New York Times Features Julia Rozovsky ’12 and Google’s Data-Driven Approach to Teams

As Julia Rozovsky ’12 approached graduation from Yale SOM four years ago, she said in an interview that she had found her dream job. “When I first came across an ad for an internship on the ‘people analytics’ team at Google, I thought it had to be a joke,” she said, because it so closely meshed with her twin passions for data and helping organizations work better.

Rozovsky got the internship and then a full-time job at Google, and is now lead researcher on a project there that uses data to learn what makes effective teams—work that was informed by her experiences working in teams at Yale SOM. The project is the subject of a New York Times Magazine article published on February 25.

One of Rozovsky’s observations was that team norms have a large influence on the performance of the group. “Just having data that proves to people that these things are worth paying attention to sometimes is the most important step in getting them to actually pay attention,” Rozovsky told the Times. “Don’t underestimate the power of giving people a common platform and operating language.”

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