Yale School of Management

Former Indonesian Trade Minister Gita Wirjawan Discusses Challenges for Southeast Asian Economies

Gita Wirjawan, founder of Ancora Group and former trade minister of Indonesia, gave students at the Yale School of Management on October 22 an inside view of the impact that global monetary policies are having on the Indonesia and Southeast Asian economies.

“There are opportunities and challenges for Indonesia,” Wirjawan said. “My view is the world is changing… and we need to make sure that places like Southeast Asia stay relevant.”

Wirjawan spoke as part of Yale SOM’s Colloquium on Business and Society. His audience included students from throughout the Global Network for Advanced Management, visiting Yale for Global Network Week.

While Indonesia has seen consistent GDP growth in the last 10 years, as well as a rapidly urbanizing population and rapid expansion of its middle-upper class, its financial sector has grown more slowly, Wirjawan said.

“Episodic stresses are occurring more frequently and are apparent in Asia,” he said. “Indonesia is vulnerable.”

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