MAM Class of 2016 Arrives at Yale SOM

One student led a business development team for Nokia in India; another served in a senior position for Hewlett-Packard in Silicon Valley; a third was a logistics officer for Groupon in Chile. One student created a startup to feed lunch to disadvantaged children in Vietnam, and another worked on a Grammy-nominated album.

Now, they join their colleagues from 34 countries as part of the Yale School of Management’s Master of Advanced Management Class of 2016.

A Master of Advanced Management class in session.

The class is the largest since the program’s inception, with 63 students representing 20 schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management. Women represent a growing segment of the class, at 38%, up from 26% last year. Students hold citizenships in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Kuwait, South Africa, Ghana, Mexico, Peru, Switzerland, and Venezuela, among other countries. Their backgrounds are diverse and span an array of industries, including electrical engineering, fashion, finance, law, and music.

The Master of Advanced Management program is a one-year program for MBA graduates from schools in the Global Network; students take advanced leadership courses and build a customized curriculum of classes throughout Yale University. Many of the students in the Class of 2016 got to know Yale SOM through the Global Network—by participating in one of the school’s small network online courses or by attending Global Network Week.

The Class of 2016 arrives at Yale SOM on August 16, when they will meet their classmates and members of the MBA Class of 2017, with whom they’ll participate in orientation activities, including a group project.