Yale School of Management

Yale SOM Welcomes Diverse MBA for Executives Class of 2017

The Yale School of Management welcomes a new MBA for Executives (EMBA) class to campus on July 24 for a three-day orientation that will introduce the students to each other, the Yale SOM curriculum, and the community.

Following orientation, the EMBA Class of 2017 will begin a two-week session of in-residence classes on July 27. For the rest of the year, students will return to campus for intensive coursework every other weekend.

SOM expanded its EMBA program last year, adding focus areas in asset management and sustainability to the existing healthcare focus. In the Class of 2017, 41% of students are focusing on healthcare, 30% on sustainability, and 29% on asset management.

An MBA for Executives class in session.

Accomplished and diverse, the 63-member class is 41% women and 40% were born abroad, including the 11% who hold dual citizenships. Members of the class hail from Cameroon, Canada, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Iran, Lebanon, Malawi, Mexico, Myanmar, Senegal, Serbia, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom, as well as the United States.

The class boasts an impressive array of leaders from a variety of industries and sectors. They include portfolio managers, engineers, technology managers, doctors, sustainability-compliance officers, U.S. Army and Navy veterans, and a state representative in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Among the asset management students is an Ernst & Young fraud investigator who became a securities examiner and risk strategist for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and a technology expert who implements solutions for a swath of financial services firms including Goldman Sachs and Bank of America-Merrill Lynch.

In the healthcare focus area, one incoming student combines her work in a nurse/midwife clinical practice with teaching duties at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, while another recruits CEOs, COOs, and CFOs for national and regional healthcare services providers.

Incoming students in the sustainability focus area include an entrepreneur who runs a theatrical stage design company; a U.S. Navy officer who’s been Halliburton’s environmental-compliance engineer; and a student who splits her time between serving on the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee and directing operations at a T-Mobile franchise.

During their first year in the program, students will take SOM’s integrated MBA core curriculum and the Leadership Development Program, while participating in colloquia that bring leaders in each focus area to campus. In the second year, students will take advanced courses in management and in their focus area.