Yale School of Management

Yale SOM Faculty Awarded Grants to Study Sustainable Supply-Chain Management

The Yale Center for Business and the Environment (CBEY) has awarded a grant to Professors Sang Kim and Saed Alizamir of Yale SOM to help support their research in sustainable operations management.

Sang Kim

Kim, an associate professor of operations management, and Alizamir, an assistant professor of operations, will share a $51,000 award given through the F.K. Weyerhaeuser Memorial Fund, which supports scholarly research at the intersection of business and the environment.

“We are excited about being awarded the Weyerhaeuser grant,” said Kim. “It will support our new research on sustainable operations in supply-chain management, and we look forward to contributing our analysis and insights to this important area of research.”

Saed Alizamir

CBEY program director Stuart DeCew ’11, FES ’11, said that the two SOM professors are conducting research that could have far-reaching impacts.

“Saed and Sang are investigating some of the most complex and interesting questions related to sustainability and global supply chains and then translating that research into models and teaching tools that can be replicated and scaled up,” DeCew explained. “The web of interactions and relationships between buyers, suppliers, and NGOs at a global level begs deeper research and analysis to determine the true levers for change in the system.”