Yale School of Management

New Executive Education Programs Train Leaders in Behavioral Economics and Sustainability

The Yale School of Management will debut two new, multi-day executive education programs this summer, training corporate leaders in sustainability and behavioral economics.

Both programs will leverage an area of particular faculty expertise at Yale SOM, said Molly Nagler, associate dean for executive education. Both are areas that are increasingly important for leaders to understand, she added.

“The audiences for both new programs include Fortune 500 executives across industries, showing the broad appeal of these topics,” Nagler said. “We expect great learning on both sides—for the participants on how to apply cutting-edge insights to their jobs, and for Yale SOM on how to best support today’s leaders through short open-enrollment programs.”

In “Behavioral Economics Immersion: Views from the Forefront of Consumer Insights,” which runs June 2-4, participants will examine the latest research in the burgeoning field of behavioral economics, which draws on the work of psychologists, economists, and marketers in exploring the factors that drive choice in the marketplace.

In “Sustainability as a Strategic Business Enabler,” June 9-12, Yale faculty with expertise in environmental science and its business applications will evaluate organizations’ sustainability plans and offer individualized review sessions to advise company leaders on what can be done to improve performance. Classroom sessions will focus on innovation, leadership, nexus technologies, and case studies from industry. 

Also this summer, Yale SOM will host Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders in collaboration with the American Institute for Graphic Arts.