Yale School of Management

Yale SOM Refines Integrated MBA Curriculum

Yale SOM has made a series of small changes to its integrated MBA curriculum, intended to achieve greater integration and coordination between core courses.

The changes were proposed by Prof. Olav Sorenson, the director of the core curriculum, after consultation with students, alumni, and recruiters, and approved by a vote of the school’s senior faculty They will take effect in fall 2015.

In the Orientation to Management segment, which begins the first year, the courses Problem Framing and Spreadsheets Modeling have been combined into a single course, Modeling Managerial Decisions. The course Careers has been eliminated, with its content distributed between the core course Managing Groups and Teams and the course Leadership Fundamentals, the first segment in the Leadership Development Program.

In order to encourage greater integration between the courses in the Organizational Perspectives segment, the school plans to introduce shared case studies, which will span multiple courses and be examined with a different set of tools in each. The school will also seek to increase the number of case studies with women as protagonists and with settings outside the United States.

“The integrated curriculum has been a huge success but there’s still room for improvement,” said Sorenson. “These changes stem from extensive student and alumni feedback on how we might further refine one of the defining features of the Yale SOM education.”

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