Yale School of Management

Yale SOM Video Displays Honored at New York Design Awards

They’re hard to miss when you walk into Edward P. Evans Hall—two two-story-high video displays, brightly backlit, showing a succession of dynamic, vividly colored graphs and charts. They’re visible from all sides of the glass-walled courtyard and from the ground floor up to the fourth. If you spend some time watching them, you’ll learn a little about global challenges in healthcare, finance, and consumer marketing—for instance, the relationship between life expectancy and healthcare spending or the relative size of the financial sector compared to the real economy across 25 countries.

The data visualization, which was created for the opening of Edward P. Evans Hall, recently won first prize in the environmental graphic design category at the New York Design Awards. The award “celebrates creativity and innovation in the intersection of communication design and the built environment.”

The animation draws on many sources of data about 23 countries that are home to a school in the Global Network for Advanced Management, in order to illuminate the kinds of questions that need to be understood by the elevated leaders that Yale SOM produces. This global reach and focus on issues at the nexus of business and society reflect the school’s mission and aspirations. The visualization was conceived and commissioned by the Yale School of Management Office of Communication and designed by the video design firm Unified Field.

View a portion of the data visualization: