Professor Victor Vroom Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Victor Vroom, the BearingPoint Professor of Management and Professor of Psychology, has been honored with the OB Division Lifetime Achievement Award of the Academy of Management. The award recognizes senior scholars who have contributed to the organizational behavior discipline throughout their careers.

Vroom is an authority on the psychological analysis of behavior in organizations, particularly on leadership and decision making. His 1964 book, Work and Motivation, is regarded as landmark in that field, and his books dealing with leadership, Leadership and Decision Making and The New Leadership, are widely cited as breakthroughs in the study of organizational behavior.

In announcing Vroom as the award recipient, the award committee and nominators wrote:

Victor Vroom is a master theoretician, having given us both the expectancy theory of motivation and the Vroom-Yetton model of leadership. He has been a pioneer in our field over the past 60 years with contributions to the fundamental disciplines of psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, human motivation, decision science, leadership behavior, and organizational behavior. With more than 70 articles and chapters, and nine books, his body of work has been cited more than 20,000 times. Victor’s research and writing on expectancy theory has defined how scholars and students have come to understand and build upon our understanding of motivation. Victor’s equally pioneering work on leadership and decision making challenged the universalistic orthodoxy of single best components of leadership. He has also received numerous awards for his research and career contributions. Victor Vroom is a foundational figure in the field, a thought leader both within the academic community and without.

A member of the Yale School of Management faculty since the school’s founding in 1976, Vroom developed and taught its first course in organizational behavior.

“This is a richly-deserved recognition of Victor’s extraordinary scholarship and professional service,” says James Baron, an organizational behavior scholar and the William S. Beinecke Professor of Management at Yale SOM. “Prior recipients of this extremely competitive prize include Edwin Locke, Lyman Porter, Gary Latham, Barry Staw, Denise Rousseau, Terence Mitchell, Charles O’Reilly, Richard Hackman, and Ben Schneider. As distinguished a group as this is, it is now even more eminent with Victor’s inclusion.”

The award will be presented to Vroom at the Academy of Management meeting in Philadelphia on August 4.