Yale School of Management

Bestselling Author Bruce Judson '84 Writes New Book, Go it Alone!

Bestselling author Bruce Judson'84, a Faculty Fellow at the school, has written an exciting new book that may interest many alumni. Judson's book, Go It Alone! (HarperBusiness, November 2004), explains how individuals can now build substantial businesses on their own without hiring employees and without raising capital. In this fascinating book, Judson explains how individuals in all areas of business are now creating large businesses on their own and why this is a growing phenomenon. "When I graduated from SOM 20 years ago it was impossible to imagine that I could create a large business on my own without raising capital and without lots of employees," he says. "Today, you can leverage the low-cost services made available through Internet technologies to support almost any kind of specialized business."

Judson, who is himself a successful, serial "go it alone" entrepreneur, studied a wide array of businesses across the country to create the book. "It was a great experience writing the book. I found that 'go it alone' entrepreneurs in businesses of all kinds tend to share a common approach to the theory and practice of their businesses. The book's goal is to make this new approach to entrepreneurship crystal clear to anyone who wants to start their own firm, or to be a more successful entrepreneur within an existing company."