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New Haven Community Liaison, Program Administration

Detailed Job Listing:


STARS Requisition: 76676BR
University Job Title: Coordinator 4
Department Job Title: New Haven Community Liaison

Grade: 23

Position Focus: 

The New Haven Community Liaison will assist students and faculty in curricular and extracurricular efforts to engage with and provide service to New Haven area nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and local businesses. Yale School of Management (Yale SOM) engages with the city of New Haven through student clubs, practicum courses, case studies, and faculty research.

Provide support for and coordination among Yale SOM faculty and student sponsored community-based activities. Through ongoing engagement with organizations, businesses, and agencies, inform these entities about opportunities to interact with Yale SOM and inform faculty and students about opportunities raised by the organizations, businesses, and agencies.

Essential Duties: 

Manage relationships Yale SOM faculty and students have built with New Haven-based nonprofits and businesses, and New Haven city agencies.

Ensure contacts at those organizations understand the various ways students can get involved and offer support, and help leaders identify programs that will best fit their needs– both curricular and co-curricular.

Support faculty and courses undertaking engagement with city nonprofits, businesses, and agencies.

Support student leaders in coordinating student events that provide training and resources for club members.

Assist faculty who are seeking community guest speakers or contacts for case writing.

Serve as a liaison between faculty and between faculty and students who are performing projects in the New Haven community.

Organize convenings of local nonprofit, business, and government leaders, faculty, and students who are interested in specific social issues in the community.

Coordinate and host an annual Yale SOM in-person event for local nonprofit, business, and city leaders with the purposes of disseminating engagement opportunities and outcomes, providing student and faculty an opportunity to network with nonprofit, business, and city leaders, and providing opportunities for leaders to network with each other.

Collaboration with Non-profit Board Fellows/Social Impact Consulting/SOM Serves

Provide student leaders a list of organizations that have expressed an interest in engagement through a channel other than direct approach to student leaders.

Maintain a historical database of local nonprofits and city government agencies that have worked with Non-profit Board Fellows or Social Impact Consulting.

Communicate about opportunities and deadlines for applications to NP Board Fellows/SIC/SOM Services to New Haven based organizations and to faculty and students.

Confirm interested organizations in August/September and share list.

Maintain repository of training materials used by student organizations and training calendars, assist student leaders in coordinating speakers for training.

Share short-term volunteer opportunities from partner organizations which Yale SOM serves.   

Inclusive Economic Development Lab Responsibilities

Assist the LAB (project based, experiential course) in the planning phase in identifying key community stakeholders for the LAB’s new theme.

Manage logistics and relationships, serving as a point person during the spring semester when teams are in the field.

Manage logistics and relationships, serving as point person for onboarding and coordinating the activities of SOM alumni fellows associated with the LAB.

Organize and manage convenings of LAB stakeholders, including an end of the semester forum, ongoing workshops, and live podcast events.

Assist the LAB with communicating about its work and fielding inquiries regarding LAB resources.

Required Education & Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree in related field and three years of related experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Required Skills & Abilities: 

  1. Relationship building and communication skills.
  2. Project management/coordination skills.
  3. Social media and marketing skills.
  4. Proven commitment to diversity and inclusion, equity, and excellence.


Experience with New Haven non-profits. Experience working with faculty and/or graduate level management students.


  • Customer Service Focus – Listening carefully to and understanding customers’ needs and proactively responding to those needs in a consistent and timely manner.
  • Teamwork/Communication – Working cooperatively to achieve common goals. Support cooperation, collaboration and the sharing of information.
  • Product Excellence – Provide the best quality product available and continuously upgrade standards to maintain quality.
  • Leadership – Provide direction and motivation to others through communication, modeling appropriate behavior, optimism and high achievement
  • Innovative – Openness to new ideas and their implementation. Ability to react and adapt to changing situations appropriately.
  • Strategic Thinking – Recognize opportunities, identify critical, high pay-off activities and prioritize them to attain goals.

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