MMS Class Gift

MMS co-chairs

Paul BashirComing to Yale was not an easy decision, but it was the one of the best decisions in my life! Before joining the inaugural class of the Yale MMS GBS program, I completed a full master’s degree at HKUST in Hong Kong. The financial burden of this choice was unneglectable. Not only because I had already invested quite significant amounts in education, but also because of the opportunity cost of 1-year lost salary. The Yale SOM scholarship made it financially possible for me to join this amazing university, and I am having the experience of my life. I would like to give back after my graduation to allow future GBS students to have the same great experience!--Paul Bashir, MMS

Eugenia PanzeriLooking back, the choice to come to Yale was one of the best of my life. I could have never imagined finding such a stimulating community, friendly professors and incredible friendships I will hold for life. The choice to come to Yale was one of the best, but was also one of the toughest. As my journey as a GBS student is coming to an end, I would like to give back to the community and, thanks to our 2019 Class Gift, make every potential GBS student’s choice to come to Yale SOM a little bit easier: this would allow future cohorts to go through the same wonderful journey that I have been lucky enough to experience. --Eugenia Panzeri, MMS


April 3: Kick-Off Party
Bekenstein Atrium

April 17th: Closing Party
306 York St.
New Haven, CT