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Global Business

Our global reach gives you the platform to launch a career that spans boundaries. You’ll be able to study businesses operating in diverse cultural contexts, travel to new continents, and connect with peers from dozens of countries.

But what really makes a global leader is a mindset of open curiosity—eagerness to learn from every interaction, to appreciate differences, and to place experiences and lessons into the larger context of global challenges. Our programs will also give you a unique opportunity to develop this perspective. Through our leadership in the Global Network for Advanced Management—comprised of 32 top business schools worldwide—our students and faculty connect more meaningfully with more regions of the world.

Community Profiles

  • My time here has made me fluent in a variety of different kinds of languages. I can speak the language of engineers, business people in finance, and of people outside of the business world who may be impacted by it.

    Rajashree Guthe
  • I’ve lived and worked on three different continents—Europe, Asia, and America. I’ve worked in both the public and private sectors, and I...

    Daniel Fernandez Palomares ’20
  • I worked at one of the top banks in the Middle East in Kuwait for about three and a half years and almost a year and a half at the...

    Noora AlSharhan ’19
  • Before coming to Yale SOM, I worked in audit and transaction advisory in Hong Kong, but wanted to move more to the forefront of finance...

    Olivia Chen ’19

Global Study Requirement

Yale’s MBA Programs require students to gain a meaningful exposure to complex issues facing business and society in different regions of the world. Many students participate in at least one of the following before graduation:

International Experience Course
Global Network Week
Global Network Courses
Global Social Entrepreneurship Courses
International Exchange Programs

Programs for Global Network Students

Master of Advanced Management

The MAM is a one-year degree program at the Yale School of Management for exceptional MBA graduates from Global Network for Advanced Management schools who aspire to become global leaders for business and society.

Master’s Degree in Global Business and Society

The Master of Management Studies in Global Business and Society (GBS) provides early-career individuals with the tools needed to thrive in global organizations and the broad perspective to know how best to use them. Open to students of master in management programs at schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management, the GBS program draws on all of the resources of Yale University.  Admission to the Yale GBS program is open to incoming, current, or former students of master in management (or equivalent) degrees at a Global Network for Advanced Management school.

Networked Learning

The Global Network for Advanced Management

The Global Network is a powerful platform created by the world’s leading business schools. It’s mission is to drive innovation and create value by connecting leading global business schools, their resources, and their stakeholders.  Launched in 2012, the Global Network includes over 30 leading business schools from diverse regions, countries, cultures, and economies in different phases of development. 

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