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Action: Academics and Classroom Culture

The exchange between teacher and student is at the heart of the Yale SOM experience. We will work across the board to ensure that the classroom experience is inclusive and that our academic programs prepare students to address problems of systemic racism and injustice throughout their careers.


Diversify representation in cases taught at Yale SOM

Announced Fall 2020
Faculty will work hard to identify cases with protagonists that span a more diverse range than has historically been the case.

  • Update: The Case Research and Development team, along with relevant faculty, have launched a systematic review of cases taught in the MBA core. As an initial result, four of the eight new cases debuting in the spring semester feature Black or women protagonists. In addition, the school has begun an initiative to bring more speakers with diverse perspectives into the classroom to provide their points of view on existing cases.

Increase faculty training in inclusiveness

Announced Fall 2020
The SOM faculty have committed to make use of teaching resources through the Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning and elsewhere at Yale to develop and strengthen their facility at fostering an inclusive classroom environment.

  • Update: The school is researching an online diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging educational unit that will be mandatory for faculty, staff, and students. Rollout is expected in 2021.