Cydney Dupree

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

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Professor Dupree’s research interests broadly address how to reduce divisions between social groups and increase the inclusion of under-represented minorities within and across organizations. She uses surveys, experiments, and archival work to delve into the strategies used by social groups in seeking to meet their interpersonal affiliative and hierarchical goals, considering the implications of these strategies for reducing inequality and achieving successful interracial interactions.

Current lines of research investigate: 1) the impact of socio-political attitudes and stereotypes on verbal and nonverbal outgroup behavior, 2) the ways in which associations between race and status influence minority- and majority-group members’ occupational preferences, and 3) the situational and individual differences factors that influence prosocial outgroup behavior.

Professor Dupree was a recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship, and she was a member of Princeton University’s Joint Degree Program in the Study of Inequality. Her work has appeared in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Current Opinion in Psychology, and Journal of Social Issues.



  • PhD, Princeton University, 2017
  • MA, Princeton University, 2014
  • BA, Brown University, 2011