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Cary Krosinsky

Lecturer in the Practice of Management

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Cary Krosinsky is Lecturer in the Practice of Management at the Yale School of Management and Lecturer and Faculty Adviser, Yale College on Energy Studies, Climate and Investing. He previously taught Yale College Seminars on Business, Innovation and Sustainability.

He also teaches the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Investing at Brown University, helping support the Sustainable Investment Fund within the Brown Endowment, and has been an MBA Lecturer at Concordia and Maryland and helped lead and design the RFK Sustainable Investing program at Columbia's Earth Institute.


Books include Sustainable Investing: Revolutions in Theory and Practice (Routledge, 2017), a look at the present and future of investing where financial success requires a sustainability focus, and at the same time, desired outcomes require a business case, following two previous books with Nick Robins among other leading contributors.

He is also Senior Advisor to BlueSky Investment Management, Principal at NPV Associates, Co-founder and Director of Real Impact Tracker and the Carbon Tracker Initiative, and Editor of the Journal of Environmental Investing, now in its 8th year.  The State of ESG Data and Metrics issue and symposium were guest edited and hosted at Yale on September 2017.

He also co-created Systems Finance at Yale in 2016, led a Working Group in 2015 for the Principles for Responsible Investment developing its Climate Change Asset Owner Strategy framework and advised to the UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System authoring papers that include The Value of Everything among other papers following earlier careers in environmental and institutional investment analytics and technology.