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Zach Bleemer studies labor economics and economic mobility in the United States. His current research uses natural experiments to examine the net efficiency and equity ramifications of educational meritocracy, with recent studies on race-based affirmative action, race-neutral alternatives to affirmative action, and university policies that restrict access to high-demand college majors. Professor Bleemer is a research associate at Opportunity Insights and at the University of California, Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education. He holds a PhD in economics from UC Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in economics, philosophy, and mathematics from Amherst College.

Selected Works


Will Studying Economics Make You Rich? A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of the Returns to College Major
Z. Bleemer and A. Mehta
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
Volume 14, Issue 2, pp. 1-22


Affirmative Action, Mismatch, and Economic Mobility after California’s Proposition 209
Z. Bleemer
The Quarterly Journal of Economics
Volume 137, Issue 1, pp. 115-160



PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2021
BA, Amherst College, 2013