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Professor Georgeac is interested in how people respond to organizations’ messages about diversity. In one program of research, she investigates the effects of organizations’ justifications for why they value diversity on underrepresented group members and team managers. In another stream of her research, she examines how people respond to information reflecting organizations’ achievements in increasing women’s representation in top leadership. Her research across these two streams offers novel insights into how organizations’ efforts to support diversity may paradoxically prevent them from advancing toward their diversity goals. 

Oriane Georgeac’s research has been published in top journals in psychology and management, including the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, and Social Psychological and Personality Science. Her work has also won multiple awards, and has been covered by a variety of media outlets, including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Economist, The Telegraph, and The Hill.

Professor Georgeac currently teaches the “Managing Groups and Teams” and “Global Virtual Teams” courses in the MBA program at Yale School of Management.


  • PhD, London Business School, 2020
  • MS, Université Paris Descartes, 2014
  • MS, HEC Paris, 2013

Selected Works


The Business Case for Diversity Backfires: Detrimental Effects of Organizations’ Instrumental Diversity Rhetoric for Underrepresented Group Members’ Sense of Belonging
O. A. M. Georgeac and A. Rattan
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Perceiving Progress Toward Social Equality: A Model of Signals and Sense-Making
O. A. M. Georgeac and A. Rattan 
Current Opinion in Psychology 
2021 In Press 

No Guts, No Glory? How Risk-Taking Shapes Dominance, Prestige, and Leadership Endorsement
G. A. van Kleef, M. W. Heerdink, A. Cheshin, E. Stamkou, F. Wanders, L. F. Koning, X. Fang, and O. A. M. Georgeac 
Journal of Applied Psychology 

Progress in Women’s Representation in Top Leadership Weakens People’s Disturbance with Gender Inequality in Other Domains
O. Georgeac and A. Rattan 
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
Volume 148, Issue 8, pp 1435–1453 

An Exploratory Investigation of Americans’ Expression of Gender Bias Before and After the 2016 Presidential Election 
O. Georgeac, A. Rattan, and D. A. Effron 
Social Psychological and Personality Science 

Understanding Intergroup Relations Through the Lens of Implicit Theories (Mindsets) of Malleability
A. Rattan and O. Georgeac 
Social and Personality Psychology Compass
Volume 4, Issue 11 


William C. Frederick Dissertation Award, Finalist (top 3), Academy of Management, SIM Division, 2022
Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Award, Winner, Academy of Management, GDO Division, 2021 
Annual Dissertation Award, Finalist (top 3), Society of Experimental Social Psychology, 2021
Best Dissertation Award, Finalist (top 3), Society for Business Ethics, 2021
Outstanding Research Award, Winner, Society for Personality and Social Psychology, 2020
Responsible Research in Management Award, Finalist, RRBM-IACMR, 2020