Yale School of Management

Thurman Arnold Project at Yale


Upcoming Events


April 2, 4pm

Anticompetitive Exclusionary Conduct Prevention Act” Discussion
with Professor Fiona Scott Morton and Jonathan B. Baker
(please email tap@yale.edu if you’re interested in joining virtually)

May 14-15

The Stigler Center:  2020 Antitrust and Competition Conference - Monopolies and Politics


October 3-4 {New Date)

Big Tech & Antitrust: Competition Policy in the Digital Age
Co-Sponsor: Information Society Project (ISP)

Previous Events


February 20, 2;30PM

Conversation with FTC Commissioner Rebecca Kelly Slaughter

January 30, 4pm

Discussion on Antitrust Policy in the Democratic Primary
with Michael Kades, Terrell McSweeny, Stacy Mitchell, Michael Sinkinson, Fiona Scott Morton & Sandeep Vaheesan
Co-Sponsor: Law & Political Economy Project (LPE)