Yale School of Management

Program on Social Enterprise

Harnessing business skills and markets to achieve social objectives.

SI Lab

Social Impact Lab is a weekly forum which brings together students, as well as leading alumni and other practitioners involved in the fields of social entrepreneurship and economic development. This important dialogue encompasses a wide array of current and compelling questions in the social enterprise sphere.  The discussions also provide firsthand opportunities for students to learn about career paths in the field.  

During 2018-2019, the Social Impact Lab was pleased to host renowned speakers, such as Ann Mei Chang, CIO and Executive Director of the U.S. Global Development Lab at USAID; Stuart Yasgur, Managing Director of Ashoka’s Social Financial Services; Iqbal Quadir, Senior Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School; Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy, Patagonia, and Executive Fellow, Yale Center for Business and the Environment; Dr. Sami Hourani, Ashoka Global Fellow; Brigitte Gosselink, Principal, Google.org; Shrashtant Patara, Senior VP of Development Alternatives Group & CEO of TARA; and Veronica Colondam, Founder/CEO of YCAB Foundation.

 Students presented on a variety of topics including challenges in the public sector, human rights, careers in nonprofit management, philanthropy, education, and design for social impact.  In addition, the student teams from the Global Social Entrepreneurship courses (India and Brazil in 2018-2019) presented on their projects during the spring semester.