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Alpha Audiotronics

Established: 2015
Founders: Jonathan Shaffer ’17

Alpha Audiotronics, Inc., is a New York based electronics company offering wireless audio products to customers.  Co-founded by Jonathan Shaffer ’17, Alpha Audiotronics has launched their first product, Skybuds, in August of 2016.  Skybuds are truly wireless earbuds that were engineered to achieve the highest quality sound, strong wireless connection and comfortable fit.

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Established: 2015
Founders: Jeff Hong ’15

Founded by Jeff Hong ’15, Bite revolutionizes restaurant menus to create a better dining experience for guests and makes the restaurant more money.  Bite’s menus are used in various New Haven restaurants, and was highlighted in the July 2016 edition of Fortune magazine.


Established: 2016
Founders: Stephen Kump ’17

Charityvest is an online platform to improve the economics, efficiency, and impact of charitable giving.  Founded by Stephen Kump ’17, Charityvest achieves this by making "Charity Funds" available to every donor in the United States.

Hill House Home

Established: 2015
Founder: Nell Diamond ’16

Hill House Home is an online retailer of bedding and home accessories based in New York. The company sells directly to consumers, eliminating the need for traditional wholesale markups and offering luxury products at accessible price points. HHH products are grown in the U.S., woven in Italy, and finished in France.

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Hugo & Hoby

Established: 2015
Founders: Fred Kukelhaus ’16 and Ben Young ’16

Hugo & Hoby is an e-commerce furniture company that partners with our country’s best designers, foresters, and craftspeople to build premium, modern furniture at affordable prices. To do this, founders Fred Kukelhaus ’16, and Ben Young ’16, are utilizing small batch, just-in-time manufacturing that allows us to invest in quality, sustainable materials and the skills of our domestic craftspeople.

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Kitchen Table Inc.

Established: 2016
Founders:  Nilofer Ahmed ‘16 and Zoë Lloyd ‘17

Kitchen Table makes it easier for people to eat healthy meals at home with frozen plant-based stovetop meals that go from freezer to plate in 15 minutes.  Each meal contains one serving of minimally-processed plant proteins, starches and a unique nut-based sauce.  A sample recipe consists of spiralized sweet potato noodles with a cashew alfredo sauce and lentil-mushroom-kale fritters portioned out separately. They are launching three meals under their new brand 'zoni' starting in Connecticut in summer 2017.

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Established: 2015
Founders: Nick Andris ’16, Laura Fletcher ’16, and Jake Dreier ’16

oVote is a platform that pushes questions to smartphones that can be answered in two-touches, providing fast, accurate data about group thoughts, preferences, and opinions. oVote is currently being used by professors, business owners, and organizational and residential leaders.  Founders Nick Andris ’16, Laura Fletcher ’16, and Jake Dreier ’16, are making communities smarter in just two touches.

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Prep Expert

Established: 2013
Founders: Shaan Patel ’16

Prep Expert SAT & ACT Preparation: Prep Expert is the world’s fastest growing test-prep provider offering 6-week SAT & ACT prep classes in 20 cities and online.  Founder Shaan Patel ’16, appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank in the fall of 2015 and closed an investment deal with billionaire Mark Cuban.

ROMA: Restaurant Optimization & Menu Analytics

Established: 2016
Founders:  Aron Berke ‘17 and Will Thornburrow ‘17

ROMA is a service business, partnering with local restaurants. We’re early stage, developing the capability to use economic models to optimize the pricing of menu items at restaurants, as well as consumer psychology to optimize menu layout – in essence, an analytics partner focused on “menu engineering”


Established: 2015
Founders:  Chen Chen ‘16

Saphlux produces semi-polar GaN materials to enable high power, high performance LED and laser.  Saphlux was founded by Prof. Jung Han and Dr. Chen Chen ’16, to commercialize these new materials and to revolutionize solid-state lighting.


Established: 2015
Founders: Judd Lorson ‘17 and Svitozar Omelko ’17

Squeakly provides independent reviews, interactive floor plans and virtual reality (VR) tours of rental properties to tenants who cannot visit these properties in person.  Squeakly eliminates the need for renters to travel from afar to check their prospective new homes. We add certainty to apartment search process by providing independent, third-party assessments of rental units and by using latest VR and space-rendering technology to replicate an in-person visit.

Tuckerman & Co.

Established: 2016
Founders: Amanda Rinderle ’15 and Jonas Clark ’15

Tuckerman and Co. was founded by Amanda Rinderle ’15, and Jonas Clark ’15, in order to provide classic clothing “made right.”  Tuckerman creates high-quality products that are made to last, and also better for people and the planet.  Founded in 2014 as a Benefit Corporation, Tuckerman also became a Certified Benefit Corporation in 2015.

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Established: 2017
Founders: Xavier Morin ’18

Yourfreebooking is making travel fun and exciting again!  Whenever a hotel room is booked on the website at prices of leading booking platforms, the customer has 1 chance out of 100 to be immediately refunded, without any hidden cost.