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ICF Newsletter: December 2019

By: Electra Ferriello January 2, 2020
ICF December 2019 Newsletter

Did you read the latest issue of our ICF Newsletter?  Highlights from the December 2019 issue include: Global Network Investment Competition 2019-2020 2020 Whitebox Advisors Graduate Students Announced ICF Postdoctoral Fellow: Scott C. Miller Upcoming Events...

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ICF May 2019 Newsletter

By: Electra Ferriello May 23, 2019
ICF may 2019 newsletter

Did you receive the latest ICF May 2019 Newsletter?  Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive all the latest ICF news as well as conference and event information. The ICF posts all newsletters with interactive links on our website so you can click here to see what the ICF and...

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The Evolution of Paper Money During the French Revolution

By: Electra Ferriello February 7, 2019
Rebecca Spang

ICF Visiting Fellow, Rebecca Spang, gave a talk to the SOM Community as part of the Becton Fellowship Program about “Making Money in the French Revolution.”  Rebecca is a visiting professor of history and studies eighteenth and nineteenth century European history.  She is currently teaching...

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ICF Origins of Value Featured in 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy

By: William N. Goetzmann August 4, 2017
origins of value

BBC’s Tim Hartford picked 50 innovations that created the modern economy – three of these come from the pages of Will Goetzmann and Geert Rouwenhorst’s “The Origins of Value: The Financial Innovations That Created Modern Capital Markets” (2005), a book produced by the International...

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