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Yale Global Executive Leadership Program

Transform yourself, your organization, and society.

Dynamic & reliable.

Complex & elegant.

Individualized & interconnected.

The leaders who succeed in our quickly transforming world will possess the ultimate duality: seeing what is and what is yet to be.  

The Yale Global Executive Leadership Program helps you deftly navigate this complexity. It teaches you to trust your instincts and equips you with science-backed insights to make decisive decisions. It opens spirited conversations with industry legends. It stems the loneliness of leadership, placing you among thought partners and confidants. It provides you with invaluable space for honest growth.  

The Yale Global Executive Leadership Program exists to improve and expand the impact of leaders, like you–leaders seeking to make lasting positive change in their organization and in their communities. Because, in the end, it all comes back to our school’s mission: to educate leaders for business & society. 

Preview image for the video "Yale Global Executive Leadership Program: Catalyzing Your Growth".
A classroom of executive education participants
A group of executive education participants in the classroom

YGELP allowed me a vision into the perspective of other thought leaders. Those in the classroom teaching it and those who were also there as students. I went into the program with the hopes of meeting similarly situated executives to see how I compared. I left the program with a renewed zeal and desire to push my self-imposed limits even further.

Christopher M. Naghibi, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, First Foundation Bank
Preview image for the video "Yale Global Executive Leadership Program: Expanding Your Network".
Preview image for the video "Yale Global Executive Leadership Program: Broadening Your Worldview".

About the Program

  • Create and maximize value for your organization by utilizing long-term investment strategies, innovating strategically, and building a competitive advantage.
  • Balance growth, ambition, and oversight with fiduciary responsibilities and legal realities.
  • Leverage an informed global perspective to mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities that add value to your organization.
  • Gain critical insights from the latest behavioral economics research to anticipate and satisfy the evolving needs and expectations of today’s consumers.
  • Develop a clear personal vision that anchors you as a leader by leveraging vital insights from assessments, peer feedback, and individualized executive coaching sessions.
  • Build a lifelong, global network of distinguished peers who are committed to the pursuit of leadership excellence.
  • Access resources for lifelong learning and professional growth with Yale International Affiliate status upon program completion.

Upon completing the program, YGELP participants receive Yale International Affiliate status, which grants access to our vast global alumni network and an array of resources that facilitate lifelong learning, growth, and success.

  • Membership in the Yale Alumni Association, a network of 150,000 Yale alumni around the world
  • Membership in the Yale School of Management Alumni Association
  • Inclusion in the Yale alumni directory and the SOM alumni directory
  • A lifelong email forwarding address: [yourname]
  • Access to the Yale Career Network
  • Access to the Yale SOM Job Board
  • Invitation to Yale SOM Executive Education reunions
  • Invitation to local SOM chapter events
  • Access to selected Yale SOM career services
  • 15% program fee reduction on all Yale SOM executive education open enrollment programs
  • Free participation in faculty webinars available to SOM alumni
  • Invitation to participate in the SOM Alumni Association student mentoring program
  • Free access to thousands of journals through JSTOR and HeinOnline
  • Invitation to contribute to the YGELP blog

YGELP is designed for proven business leaders who are in, or on their way into, the C-suite—someone identified within the leadership pipeline as the next in line. They should be an integral part of the organization’s decision-making team.

We welcome applications from participants with:

  • Significant experience and demonstrated career progression and success across levels, including:
    • Executive Committee members
    • Heads of major business units
    • Heads of function for the entire organization
    • Senior executive members of core advisory or core operating groups
  • A minimum of 20+ years of work experience including significant time in senior management roles.
  • A strong aspiration to be at the top of both their organization and their industry, striving to make a lasting impact.


Three intensive classroom modules held at the Yale School of Management campus immerse you in deep learning, diverse perspectives, and valuable discussions. In between the on-campus modules, your learning journey continues seamlessly through monthly video conferencing-based meetings. You will engage with Yale’s esteemed faculty and your accomplished peers to discuss the latest research or a case study, share insights into and reflections on how you are applying your learnings, and get guidance from the Yale network.

The YGELP curriculum is divided into three pillars: Leadership in Business and Society, Global Perspectives, and Executive Toolkit. Content evolves with the needs of the community to remain relevant and compelling. Below is a sample of topics you may experience in this career-shaping program.

The Yale School of Management mission of educating leaders for business and society is woven into the program by elevating your capacity to drive organizational success while weighing the interests of all stakeholders.

  • Leadership styles and motivation
  • High-performing teams
  • Stakeholder capitalism
  • Corporate financial management
  • Corporate governance
  • Board management
  • Gender discrimination in the labor market
  • Sustainability concepts for business leadership

Deepen your understanding of the global context of business to overcome the strategic challenges of operating in a globalized world.

  • Ethical leadership in the global community
  • Strategies for organizational emergencies
  • The global economy
  • Immigration policy
  • Global macroeconomic trends
  • Opportunities and risks in emerging markets

Sharpen your business acumen to drive profitability and growth in your organization.

  • Decision-making
  • Monetization and growth strategies
  • Systematic approaches to creativity
  • Value creation, competition, and startups
  • Leadership resilience
  • Digital transformation
  • Negotiations
  • Effective networks
  • Executive voice and presence
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Behavioral economics and modern marketing
  • Employee engagement and motivation
  • Stocks, bonds, bills, and inflation
  • Behavioral finance
  • Restructuring and turnaround situations


"Excellent and well-rounded program, with lecturers with deep subject matter knowledge. Highly recommend it to global leaders who want to make a difference." Dung Tran, VP, Managing Director and Board Member, Spartronics

“Terrific professors, amazing group of talented classmates, inspiring coaching sessions, superb content, and useful tools to incorporate into my management toolbox – just the tip of the iceberg of highlights. I'm exceedingly grateful to the fantastic Yale SOM team for their professional approach and support! Special compliments to Professor Sonnenfeld for his unending enthusiasm, incredible charisma, great knowledge, and the exciting American & global contexts he shared with us. YGELP has had a tremendous impact on myself and will definitely bring benefits to my organization. Learning is the mother of all leadership competencies. I’d highly recommend Yale SOM as the best place to get important knowledge, skills, and attitudes, required for leaders in the fast-changing globalized world.” – Daniil Klyuchnikov, Sales Director, Central & Eastern Europe, the Emerging Markets, Transporeon

“I came to Yale in transition after a company reorganization. As a high-drive, high-functioning, high-level executive leader for 20 years, I felt like my purpose was in question. And I didn't have a tribe. Fast forward seven months, post-program: I'm a successful consultant; a social venture founder; and most importantly, a member of a worldwide 'tribe' of executives, faculty, and administration who helped challenge me to say, "So what? It happened. Now what? Get out there. Raise the bar and change the world." You'll see that across the experience, and it is invaluable. There are plenty of executive education programs out there - choose Yale if you want a lifetime of connections, business opportunities, and being a Yalie for life!” – Demi Knight Clark, Founder + Chief Spark Igniter, Spark Building Group

“Yale’s Global Executive Leadership Program is ideal for transitioning senior military leaders looking to continue achievement in the private sector. The course content and structure (along with your class cohort) will evolve your thinking as a leader.” – Lonnie Garris, Founder & CEO, Cool Amps Corp.

“I came to the Yale Global Executive Leadership Program with high expectations based on what I knew about the program and my interactions with program staff prior to our arrival on campus. They exceeded all my expectations. Venue, instructors, topics, and classmates are all world-class. The quality of instruction is matched by the amazing opportunity to make life-long friendships with peers around the world. Truly a great program.” – Rodrigo Jimenez, CEO, Sceptre Hospitality Resources

“YGELP opened my aperture. The confidence I gained, combined with the incredible Yale community and cohort I can contact for guidance, has enhanced my abilities to meet the diverse challenges of my current position and made me a better leader for our team. I also gained a tremendous amount of respect for my cohorts - to an individual, they are innovative, intelligent, courageous, empathetic, and completely dedicated to their people. It was an honor to learn from and with them.” – Gloria Berlanga, Chief of Staff, Rhode Island National Guard

Preview image for the video "Yale Global Executive Leadership Program: Elevating Your Impact".


Faculty Director

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld
Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

Senior Associate Dean for Leadership Studies; Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management; Founder and CEO of the Chief Executive Leadership Institute

Areas of Expertise: CEOs, Corporate Governance, Ethics, Leadership, Workplace Issues

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld served as full tenured professor at Emory's Goizueta Business School for a decade and a professor at the Harvard Business School for a decade, and is currently the senior associate dean of leadership programs as well as the Lester Crown Professor in the Practice of Management for the Yale School of Management, as well as founder and president of the Chief Executive Leadership Institute, a nonprofit educational and research institute focused on CEO leadership and corporate governance.

Professor Sonnenfeld's related research has been published in 100 scholarly articles which appeared in the leading academic journals in management such as Administrative Sciences Quarterly, the Academy of Management Journal, the Academy of Management Review, the Journal of Organizational Behavior, Social Forces, Human Relations, and Human Resource Management. He has also authored eight books, including The Hero's Farewell, an award-winning study of CEO succession, and another best seller, Firing Back, a study on leadership resilience in the face of adversity.

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Application Information

Application opens Summer 2023.

Program dates:

Module 1: April 28-May 10, 2024

Module 2: September 15-27, 2024

Module 3: December 1-6, 2024

Location: On campus

Program fee: $60,000 – Includes lodging and some meals.

Contact: Joanne Legler, Senior Director of Learning Partnerships

Details regarding the application process are forthcoming. Sign up to receive updates about the application, agenda, and other important program information.

Selective enrollment of highly qualified and diverse candidates enhances the learning experience and value for supporting organizations. The Admissions committee considers a candidate’s experience in current and past roles, in addition to future responsibilities. The committee seeks qualified individuals who are senior-level decision-makers representing a wide range of backgrounds. Proficiency in written and spoken English is essential for the completion of course assignments and active engagement.

Yale School of Management is proud to offer funding support for veterans interested in this program. For more information about financial aid options and eligibility, please visit the Executive Education Veterans Benefits page.