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Idea to Market

Approaching the product development process, from concept to launch

At a certain point, a marketer’s career shifts from specialization in one part of the product development process to managing the whole process, from concept to launch. Organizations break these responsibilities up differently, but strong marketing leaders contribute meaningfully to the whole process, from start to finish.  

Each part of the product development process has been affected by the decades-long, slow shift to digital communication and digital connection, punctuated by society’s heavy reliance on digital due to COVID. This shifted context has altered every aspect of the consumer experience— from research to consumption to community building. It demands marketers employ new and renewed tools and perspectives.  

Idea to Market is an executive program for senior marketing leaders that teaches new tools and perspectives to create consumer value across the whole product development lifecycle. The instructors augment this program with their combined knowledge and collaboration, which creates a unique and elevated experience.  

About the Program

What to Expect
  • Prepare senior marketing leaders to better understand today’s consumers - as needed across the whole product development process.   
  • Introduce innovation processes to cultivate systematic creativity across product development and marketing implementation.  
  • Learn new and renewed brand frameworks to answer the needs of the shifted consumer, cultural, and competitive landscape to create and deliver value.  
  • Better understand how to use digital tools to connect and engage with the modern consumer.  
Who Should Attend

Senior-level marketing professionals from corporate, non-profit, or government roles with 8-10 years in a career, or transitioning into a divisional, group VP, or cross-functional teams leader.


Below is a sample of what participants can experience in the Idea to Market program.
Content and schedule are subject to change.

Program Introduction

  • Consumer and Competitive Landscape in the Digital Era

Day One: Idea Generation

  • New Product Development 
  • The Consumer: A Behavioral Perspective 
  • Creativity and New Idea Generation Process 

Day Two: Strategy

  • Bringing Your Idea to Market: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning 
  • Listening to Customers: Idea Analysis and Experimentation 
  • Crafting Brand Strategy: Dynamics of Positioning Strategy
  • Managing Your Customer: New Customer Decision Journey in the Digital Age 

Day Three: Tactics and Beyond

  • Capturing Value Through Value-Based Pricing 
  • Technology and Human Experience 
  • Communicating Value in the Digital Era 


Program Directors

Jiwoong Shin
Jiwoong Shin

Professor of Marketing

Areas of Expertise: Analytics, Brand Management, Digital Marketing, Game Theory, Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Word-of-Mouth

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Professor Shin’s research focuses on quantitative marketing, marketing strategy, and applied economic theory. His several award-winning pieces of research advance our understanding of firms’ strategic actions in the context of social interactions and digital marketing; in particular, consumer journey in the digital sphere, word of mouth, advertising, pricing strategies, and CRM. 

Also, Professor Shin’s research is published in all of the premier academic marketing and economics journals: Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, RAND Journal of Economics, and Quantitative Marketing and Economics. For two years in a row (2010, 2011), Shin has been the recipient of the John D. C. Little Best Paper Award, awarded for the best marketing paper published in Marketing Science and Management Science. In 2011, he was also named a Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar, a title awarded to “potential leaders of the next generation of marketing academics.” In 2018, he was once again recognized for his influence in the field by being nominated as a Marketing Science Institute inaugural MIS Scholar, a title awarded to “top scholars recognizing individuals’ excellence in scholarship who have already helped to set the research agenda for the field.” Professor Shin was appointed Vice President of the INFORMS Marketing Science Society in 2021.

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Gal Zauberman
Gal Zauberman

Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Professor of Marketing 

Areas of Expertise: Behavioral Economics, Consumer Behavior, Creativity, Decision-making Methodology, Online Marketing

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Professor Gal Zauberman studies human judgment and decision making, the nature of experiences, financial decision making, time perception, and memory for emotions and choice. In his research, he has published articles in leading marketing and psychology journals on topics that include: factors that affect individuals’ evaluations, preferences, and choice, with specific interest in the role of time in decisions and experiences. He has also been investigating the role of photography and other technology in experiences. He won numerous awards, including the William O’Dell and the Paul Green best paper awards, and the Early Career Award for Distinguished Contributions to Consumer Psychology. His research received international media coverage, including the New York Times, Scientific American, and others. 

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Application Information

Program Details

Dates: Forthcoming
Location: Yale SOM Campus
Program Fee: $6,000 – Program fee includes all course materials, most meals, and lodging.

Application Requirements

In Idea to Market we aim to foster rich discourse and action. To apply for this program, you will need to submit a letter of intent and a current resume or CV. In your letter of intent please highlight your relevant work experience and what you hope to gain from this program. 

Program Fee Assistance

15% reduction in program fee for groups of 3+

15% reduction in program fee if you have previously participated in a Yale Executive Education Program with Yale SOM, ExecOnline, or 2U/GetSmarter 

Apply code at time of registration
NONPROFIT – 15% reduction in program fee for those who work at a nonprofit
YALEGRAD – 15% reduction in program fee for Yale University or Yale School of Management graduates

For more information, please contact Lisa Kammert

While it is our goal to deliver our programs as scheduled, we may postpone programs, deliver them online, or cancel them. If one of our programs has a scheduling change, we will notify those affected as soon as possible.