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Women’s Leadership Program Live Online

Join forces with Yale to prepare for a successful transition to senior leadership.

Women have always faced unique challenges in the workplace. In the last few months, the professional and personal challenges facing women have grown even more fierce. Many women professionals are taking on more teaching and caretaking in addition to simultaneously managing a virtual shift in their careers.

In the wake of historical events, women are rising up across the world as the rocks of their families and the cornerstones of their organizations. They shatter groupthink, improve communications dynamics, and reinvigorate companies in ways that make them more competitive. Research shows companies with a critical mass of top-team gender diversity enjoy significantly better financial performance.

The Women’s Leadership Program Live Online delivers powerful, insightful content in a format that’s accessible. This virtual format allows women to easily engage and authentically connect with like-minded, passionate professionals, even during this difficult time. World-class faculty challenge participants with material to stretch them beyond their preconceived limits and strengthen them in both their professional and personal lives. There is no better time to empower women than now. There is no better way to empower them than to abundantly prepare them for their journey to senior leadership.

Yale faculty will lead a wide range of interactive and experiential learning sessions proven to enhance women’s leadership behaviors. Participants build awareness of decision-making biases, learn how to create high-performing teams, negotiate win-win outcomes, manage crises, drive innovation, and create an authentic leadership style. Participants finish the program empowered with new ideas, skills, confidence, and fresh perspectives to add more value to their company and cascade the benefits of improved diversity across their organizations.

There is no better time to empower women than now. There is no better way to empower them than to abundantly prepare them for their journey to senior leadership.

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About the Program

What to Expect
  • Lead your firm to better enterprise-wide gender diversity: Better understand and explain the quantitative and qualitative benefits of diversity to gain support for change.
  • Use strategic vision and sharper decision-making skills: Lead growth, manage crises, drive growth through innovation, and make better decisions.
  • Improve your leadership skills: Learn different styles to adapt to an individual’s, team’s, or company’s situation.
  • Build an authentic leadership style: Articulate your value proposition and create a career strategy to support your goal to work in senior management.
Who Should Attend

Built for women in mid to senior-level leadership positions and those who support them. Relevant to corporate, non-profit, and government leaders.


Sessions will typically occur 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. EDT with a 45 min break for lunch. Below is a sample of what you can expect to experience in the Women’s Leadership Program Live Online. Content and schedule are subject to change.

  • Understanding your leadership impact
  • Emotional Intelligence: Leading from Within
  • Presenting Effectively in a Virtual World

  • Emotional Intelligence: Connecting to Thrive
  • Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Influence and Persuasion
  • The Real Art of the Deal

  • Decision Making for Leaders

  • Experimentation: Fail Early and Often
  • Innovation

  • Making Real Change in your Organization


Faculty and lecturers are subject to change.

Faculty Director

Emma Seppala
Emma Seppälä

Lecturer, Yale School of Management

Areas of Expertise: Positive Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Well-being, Social Connection

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Emma Seppälä, Ph.D., is a best-selling author, Yale lecturer, and international keynote speaker. She teaches executives at the Yale School of Management and is faculty director of the Yale School of Management’s Women’s Leadership Program. A psychologist and research scientist by training, her expertise is the science of happiness, emotional intelligence, and social connection. Her best-selling book The Happiness Track (HarperOne, 2016) has been translated into dozens of languages. Seppälä is also the Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education.

Seppälä’s research has been published in top academic journals and featured in major news outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post, NPR, and CBSNews. She speaks and consults internationally for Fortune 500 companies like Google and Facebook and contributes to Harvard Business Review, the Washington Post, Psychology Today, and TIME, among others.

A repeat guest on Good Morning America, she also spoke at TedX Sacramento and TEDx Hayward. Her research on breathing for military veterans with trauma was highlighted in the documentary Free the Mind. She is also featured in documentaries like The Altruism Revolution, What You Do Matters, and Bullied.

Seppälä is the recipient of a number of research grants and service awards including the James W. Lyons Award from Stanford University for founding Stanford’s first academic class on the psychology of happiness and initiating other well-being programs for Stanford students.

She graduated from Yale (BA), Columbia (MA), and Stanford (PhD). Originally from Paris, France, she is a native speaker of French, English, and German and conversant in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

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Rodrigo Canales
Rodrigo Canales

Kelli Questrom Associate Professor of Management and Faculty Director, Social Impact Program at the Boston University Questrom School of Business

Areas of Expertise: Economic Development, Emerging Markets, Entrepreneurship, Globalization, Organizational Behavior, Social Enterprise

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Rodrigo Canales does research at the intersection of organizational theory and institutional theory, with a special interest in the role of institutions for economic development. Rodrigo studies how individuals can purposefully change complex organizations or systems. Rodrigo's work explores how individuals’ backgrounds, professional identities, and organizational positions affect how they relate to existing structures and the strategies they pursue to change them. His work contributes to a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that allow institutions to operate and change. Rodrigo has done work in entrepreneurial finance and microfinance, as well as in the institutional implications of the Mexican war on drugs. His current research is divided into three streams. The first focuses on the structural determinants of the quality of startup employment. The second explores the conditions under which development policies and practices integrate rigorous evidence. The third, with generous support from the Merida Initiative, explores how to build effective, resilient, and trusted police organizations in Mexico.

Rodrigo is faculty director of Questrom’s Social Impact Program. Before, he was Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Yale School of Management, where he taught the Innovator Perspective. He sits on the advisory board of the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT; he spent the 2014-2015 academic year advising the Mexican government on the US-Mexico bilateral relationship; and sits on the Board of Trustees of the Nature Conservancy.

Zoe Chance
Zoë Chance

Senior Lecturer in Marketing

Areas of Expertise: Influence and Persuasion, Decision-Making, Behavior Change

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Zoë Chance helps smart people become more influential. At the Yale School of Management, she teaches a popular elective called Mastering Influence and Persuasion, aka "Doing Uncomfortable Things That Make You a Better Person." Her research has been published in top academic journals like Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and Psychological Science, and covered in media outlets like the New York Times and the BBC. She has appeared on CNN and written for Harvard Business Review. Google uses her behavioral economics framework as the basis for their global food policy. Zoë speaks internationally for Fortune 500 firms and leading NGOs, and her TEDx talk, "How to Make a Behavior Addictive," has over half a million views. Prior to Yale, Zoë managed a $200 million segment of the Barbie brand at Mattel, acted on stage and film, and earned her bachelor's from Haverford College, MBA from USC, and doctorate from Harvard Business School. Her first book was published by Random House on February 1, 2022. It's called Influence Is Your Superpower: The Science of Winning Hearts, Sparking Change, and Making Good Things Happen.

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Registration Information

Program Details

Dates: Forthcoming
Program Structure: Each program is 6 days of 5 – 6 hours of live, interactive online learning spread over two weeks.
Working from home and in digital environments often comes with a lot of distractions. When possible please limit meetings, calls, and notifications while participating in the program.
Location: Live Online
Program Fee: $5,600
Contact: Lisa Hamm Kammert, Senior Director of Learning Partnerships

How do I explain the benefits of the certificate program to my supervisor?

Download the Sample Justification Letter.

Program Fee Assistance
  • 15% reduction in program fee for groups of 3+
  • 15% reduction in program fee if you have previously participated in a Yale Executive Education Program with Yale SOM, ExecOnline, or 2U/GetSmarter 

Apply code at time of registration

  • NONPROFIT – 15% reduction in program fee for those who work at a nonprofit
  • YALEGRAD – 15% reduction in program fee for Yale University or Yale School of Management graduates
Refund, Cancelation, & Deferment

Refunds are allowed for live online and in-person programs if requested in writing to the Executive Education Registrar ( 45 days prior to the course start date.  All cancellation requests 44 days or less will be granted a one-time deferment to a future program to be used within one (1) calendar year.    

Deferments are subject to approval to ensure that participants and programs are suitable.  If a new course is selected, additional fees may incur. 

Yale reserves the right to cancel or reschedule programs if enrollment is deemed insufficient or health and safety would otherwise be jeopardized.  Yale School of Management is not responsible for any travel or incidental costs incurred by a registrant if a program becomes canceled. If a program is canceled by Yale, a full refund of fees paid will be processed within 30 days. 

While it is our goal to deliver our programs as scheduled, we may postpone programs, deliver them online, or cancel them. If one of our programs has a scheduling change, we will notify those affected as soon as possible. 


"The Yale Executive Education course offers a unique opportunity to learn with and from other women in leadership across a vast array of industries. The Professors push one's perspective on "how" we deliver each leadership skill and the impact it can have across an organization. This was a refreshing use of time, and has already helped elevate my skills as a leader." – WLP Live Online, September ‘21

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"Enrolling in WLP is one of the most important decision I made to benefit myself and my career. The professors are the best, the course material succinct and on point. I am already using some of the material I learned at work." – WLP Live Online, September ‘21

"This program provided actionable, impactful information that helped me better understand my unique value as a leader, and how to become an even better version of myself. The interaction with other woman leaders across industries was enlightening and invigorating. This was the most immediately applicable and insightful professional training I've ever experienced." – WLP Live Online, September ‘21

“The program has provided me with new approaches to innovation, decision making, and managing my new team as I build it out. Being reminded of my strengths was powerful and building plans purposefully around those will bring clarity to my everyday work and produce positive results more efficiently. "Work smarter not harder" as the saying goes.” – WLP Live Online, May ‘21

“Taking myself out of the "tunnel vision" of my day-to-day decision making and thinking critically through concepts, ideas, tools, and frameworks was  truly refreshing and brought forth an updated way of thinking and approach for me.” – WLP Live Online, May ‘21

“Any expectation you have for this program will be exponentially exceeded. From the content, to the people, both in staff and participants alike, the knowledge and connections you gain will make a huge impact. I left the program feeling inspired, grateful, and ready to make a change!” – Stephanie C., WLP Live Online, February ‘21

“This is an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and tools on positive leadership, of self and others. It provides a safe place for women leaders to share experiences and learn/grow together while building personal networks for the future.” – WLP Live Online, February ‘21

“This program was empowering, intellectually challenging, and immensely rewarding in terms of the expertise of the professors, content, and lasting bonds formed among the cohort. The entire experience was one I’ll reflect on for years to come and will enhance my already advanced leadership capabilities. Even though the program had to shift to online due to the global pandemic, every consideration was made to ensure the experience was as collaborative, challenging, and rewarding as the on-campus program. Every aspect of the program exceeded my expectations.” – WLP Live Online, September ‘20

“I will recommend Yale’s Women’s Leadership Program to all women who are in management positions, who want to mark their space in an organization and who wish to acquire the necessary skill set to become inspirational leaders.” – Patriza M., WLP Live Online, September ‘20

“I wish I could take this every year! Though I would have loved to participate in-person, the faculty and staff really made the live online version close to the real thing.” – Shannon K., WLP Live Online, September ‘20

“Yale’s Women’s Leadership Program helped me hone my leadership skills. The content was tailored for women leaders and sessions were highly engaging. I was awed by the faculty expertise and quality of instruction. I highly recommend this to all emerging women leaders.” – WLP Live Online, September ‘20

“I highly recommend this program for aspiring women leaders looking to get a seat at the table! The program is extremely well-structured and addresses pertinent issues that women leaders grapple with in their careers.” –Addy U., WLP Live Online, September ‘20

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